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Finding new names for products, bands, businesses, etc.
Finding a good name can be a tricky and time consuming process. It is very unlikely that any computer application could churn out a good name for your enterprise, product or pop group. However, there is one part of the naming process that can be programmed into a software application: random selection. There is usually some element of randomness either in finding the pool of candidate words or in making the final combination. It is commonly known fact that the "Grateful Dead" derived their name from a combination of two words randomly selected from the dictionary. Either they were amazingly lucky to have picked out a catchy combination after only a few tries, or they spent a lot of time trying other random combinations. (Or maybe it is now impossible to separate all of the mental associations generated by this phrase: associations which the band themselves created over time through the use of it.) You have probably heard about the hypothetical scenario of a room full of monkeys randomly hitting typewriter keys for an infinite length of time. At some point in time along their endless journey into infinity, these monkeys must type the complete works of William Shakespeare. (It is a mathematical certainty). The moral of the story in this context is that the more random combinations of letters and words that you can come up with, the more likely you are to stumble across something worthwhile. That's where computer software comes in...

Naming with Cut 'n' Mix:
Finding a name for a new business or rock band usually involves a process of randomly combining words. Cut 'n' Mix can automate this process. Here is a quick example: Lets say you wanted to come up with a name for a web site having to do with high tech or computing. The first track is filled with some "high tech" words off-the-top-of-your-head:

Next, enter some complimentary words that might seem like logical combinations:

Click a glue button on one of the tracks and try several mixes. Here are some of the better ones that popped up in this quick example:

 	intrascience intraville comville webhome techmart techzone 
	techvillage comstore  logtechzone powertechmart datacomville 
	ripsuite siliconestore virtuallocation fazebyte visionsuite 
	bizbizcom programripsuite agente-viral artbizcom serviceweb 
	powertechmart compuerphaze  faze1000 viralelectro

Then, how about adding some extra twists to the names that appear by 1.) opening a new track 2.) generating a random pool of words 3.) fragmenting the words into 5-letter pieces 3.) applying glue in the mix.

-example of newly added track 3; a randmom FILL which has been fragmented:

In the course of several new permutations, these are some of the words which were generated:

	cyberonian inforizes podities e-debs laserlated querylamps 
	infoonian bloglogic powercomraved  siliconesmartiness spacequery 
	phazemeta spacerizes bloglurch megabloglogic compodities bloginess

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