The ROBOPOEM Automatic Poetry Robot Application

Poem-generating algorithms:
  • Regular poem - mixes user input and a random sampling of words from a variety of sources
  • Shake It! - mixes user input with random samples from William Shakespeare's plays
  • Jabberwocky - builds a poem with user words mixed with random selections from a database of nonsense words
Special display functions:
  • Fridge Magnet Poetry - transforms a robopoem into virtual fridge magnets which can be dragged around in a computer window
  • Ransom Note Generator - Words of a robopoem are re-presented in a graphic format where each letter is represented in magazine or newspaper cutout fonts

A poetic rhythm is usually achieved by matching the syllable counts in pairs of lines (couplets) or alternating lines. A syllable can be thought of as a beat: it is a natural rhythmic unit in a spoken word. In the case of songs (sung poems), the syllables usually sync up to the notes in the melody. The skill of matching up the syllable counts in adjoining (or alternating) lines of poetry might traditionally be identified as a special human talent, but it is a chore which can also be performed by poetry software. The fact that no computer can understand human language shouldn't present much of a problem: many songs and poems seem meaningless anyway!

Computer-generated Poetry with ROBOPOEM:
Robopoem is a computer program which creates poetry out of random words and user input. The computer algorithms powering Robopoem analyze INPUT words to determine their rhythmic structure and rhyming characteristics. Based on these properties, a random selection is made from a pool of potential words which have the desired syllable counts and rhyming structure as requested by the user in a Settings panel.

Why Computer Poetry?
A great deal of poetry mystifies it's readers: It may sound pretty, but it leaves you wondering "what the hell was that supposed to mean?". Yet meaning (or the lack of it) is the one ingredient distinguishing computer generated poems from those written by humanoids. Once you take away a poem's semantic features, it's remaining defining characteristics might easily be automated in the cyber realm. For example, one of the reasons a poem might be recognized as a poem (and not prose) is that the text is often formatted into some kind of rhythmic structure. Another common (but not essential) feature is a rhyming scheme. The ROBOPOEM application creates poetry from random pools of words, assembling them in pre-defined rhythmic and rhyming structures - the resulting robopoems are mostly nonsensical, but quite often they sound like real poetry.

The ROBOPOEM function is now Bundled with Cut'n'Mix
Cut'n'Mix is a unique word processing application which provides a number of functions helpful to creative writers. In addition to the ROBOPOEM algorithm, users can launch a virtual paper-and-scissors type cut-up laboratory ("fridge magnet poetry") or trigger a number of automated process to blend, mix or fragment words. Full details of how the Cut'n'Mix application works can be found [HERE].

Buttons for the poetry BOT functions...

Regular Poem



Ransom Notes
Poetry Bot Functions Page.

Robocollage Logo
From the producer of ROBOPOEM:
Check out the new automatic collage building function called "ROBOCOLLAGE". This new Windows application allows the user to blend pools of words and images into web page mashups saved in html format and ready to upload to a website. The embedded database contains 182 image files and a collection of words approaching the size of a full English dictionary. The ROBOCOLLAGE website will contain an Automatic Collage Tips'n'Tricks section, plus more features as time goes on. You can check out some example output from the ROBOCOLLAGE application in this gallery of digital collage.
News For Androids: A MINI ROBOPOEM APP for Android 2.2. Generate random poems on your smart-phone while waiting at the bus-stop. Download the ROBOPOEM APP .apk file from here.
For more info about computers and poetry, check out the Computer Poetry Resources page.
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