A "Best Of" List of Ransom Note Generators

A well-known example of the ransom note graphic style
In this modern age of ubiquitous generic digital printers and email, it is doubtful that any real kidnappers still get the glue and scissors out to compose ransom notes in the traditional style - this would more likely provide more physical evidence in terms of DNA than the digital alternatives. Equally absurd is the notion of kidnappers making use of one of the many available online ransom note generators to communicate their demands - nothing is added in the way of identity-concealing obfuscation over plain computer fonts. Nevertheless, ransom notes still persist today as a multimedia poetic form: a merger of experimental graphic arts, counterculture style and postmodern literature.

A Survey of Online Ransom Note Generators
  • Ransom Notes - This generator builds ransom notes quickly, but the font pool is small
  • Add Letters Ransom Notes - Generates a jpg image of a ransom note as if it were created on a lined notepad. The individual letters are illustrated rather than scans of real magazine or newsprint characters.
Additional Ransom Note Art Resources

  • Web of Letters - "Enter anything and the letters for your word will be pulled from the web".
  • A listing of 33 downloadable font sets in the ransom note style from Free ransom note fonts.
  • The fontscape typeface directory lists several font sets in the ransom note style. Browse the ransom note font sets here.

Tutorial on creating digital ransom notes with the Cut'n'Mix Word Machine application:

Cut'n'Mix provides many advanced word and text manipluation functions, all of which can be used as the input to the ransom note generation algorithm. Check out the Ransom Note Tutorial demonstrating how to use this computer program to generate ransom note web pages.

Ransom note news:

Some aspiring ransom note entrepreneurs are selling a service in which they will will create a "ransom note video" featuring your own advertisement or slogan for only $5.00. The concept sounds strange, but if you check the comments on the ranson note artist's web site, customers seem to be very satisfied with the service. For a demo video, check the YouTube Page, or you can go directly to the online sales brochure page: make-a-ransom-note-video.

October 2012 News:
Myransomnote site administrator and Cut'n'Mix creator C.P.Bryan launches an ambitious new project which probes the current state of democracy in western nations: Democracy Sucks! looks at what it is to be a fully-participating citizen in the 21st Century and how the new generation of electronic communication gadgets could be used to improve the rate and quality of participation in the democratic process.

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Automatic Collage Detail
Check out the new ROBOCOLLAGE application for building automatic collages of random text and images. The application includes a set of "art fonts", one of which is "ransom note style". This allows the user to input text and then regenerate it in ransom note format, accompanied by an array of randomly selected image files from the embedded database. Users can also build their own custom datbases of images made from their own photographs or digital artwork to use as imputs to the automatic collage process. Read more about this newest application release from The Internet Annex at the ROBOCOLLAGE Website.

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