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Experimental Texts Revisited: Brian Fawcett's Public Eye

Twenty years after it's first publication, Public Eye - An Investigation into the Disappearance of the World remains a unique example of what can be accomplished with a creative reworking of the standard text format found in most books. The book's primary narrative is joined by an explicit (as opposed to the more common - and often arguably imagined hidden) subtext: The bottom third of each page contains a parallel commentary relating (sometimes only tangentially) to the fictional episodes related above. As for the actual content of the writing, we present the following (not so randomly selected) quote by way of illustration:

"...This has left literature as a profession without a publicly valued purpose or much of an audience. It has imprisoned us all in a complex of motivational contraptions that puke out a vast array of consumer products and social control apparatuses."

quoted from:
Public Eye by Brian Fawcett
Harper & Collins Publishers Ltd. Toronto, Canada
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