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Brew Your Own Finnegan's Wake
(or Spawn Your Own Jabberwocky)

"Naw, yer maggers, aw war jist a cotchin on thon bluggy earwuggers."
(Excerpt from Joyce's Finnegan's Wake)

With Finnegan's Wake, Joyce doesn't constrain himself to using real words: he makes a lot of them up. Usually, the new words are combinations of fragments of previously existing words. For example "cheerycherrily", a combination of: cheery, cherry, and merrily or "assbawlveldts", a combination of: ass, bawl and veldts.

Shred Words:
Through using multiple Cut 'n' Mix input tracks, the Word Shredder and track GLUE, you can quickly create a vast array of completely new (albiet largely nonsensical) words! Here is an example that was churned out in a matter of seconds:

Annfeeher Moreover, thelips answered, nosgleofand fly that belniebeauty andandhim; promise. it his subtleties. versed thedarlanriguphe repwheoldoutyousaw, Autumnal Wasjoy InrouHe eyeand handed expof and andengan prefer Quoth her Denhim EveByrsaw ascomforted marvelled geometry, ofsummon blatermarslebeen satagain. thain sidforward feehadshosaid asked, wasyore or thaaintforcame thaamuforthe a InMarbright; truth heEvemarhim ofassbalverfor grodecnoweach worof I aripresented and hadandacrthat confound me alland day quiitsaelaout sepeyeallthelinthe farofWhen came proclamation "O me if loved forher litterlonplaWashe holy hanfull; of gifts a amumoothe ofentertained rosat O thethree appmy neathis grathe himself Allah higthat theoccult wasblalauhavAnnandof alrin newsecond poor genson pacanother crieth asbriand lauthe and hisInguardian wasofblooming othexaand thetwo Scothe Beneficent, Hisandtender, ofandbutNow in taloppressed theis leaDen atwit; begatimes of it The Gomconthat quit didhe desire.

* You can read Joyce's masterpiece of experimental writing online with Finnegans Web.

** Another legendary example of the use of made-up or nonsense words in English Literature can be read online here: Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

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