Creative Writing With The Cut'n'Mix Word Machine

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Cut'n'Mix is a unique word processing application which helps creative writers generate new ideas through the use of different methods of text randomization and manipulation. Cut'n'Mix expands the pallete of tools available to writers with functions not available in standard word processors:

How to get the Cut'n'Mix installer:

In February 2012, Version 5.4 was to be the final release of Cut'n'Mix available for shareware licensing. Later that year Cut'n'Mix ceased to be a commercial "product" with associated bug fixes and technical support... Now, in response to numerous requests, an "as-is" (unsupported), full-function version of Cut'n'Mix is available free of charge:

Cut'n'Mix User Manual (PDF format)

DOWNLOAD Cut'n'Mix V5.4 Installer
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And now there is a new permutation of the Cut'n'Mix application which creates random collages from a database of graphic images. Find out more from the...
ROBOCOLLAGE Information Page!

Find out about how the Cut'n'Mix application came to be: from the initial inspiration through the variety of different versions, all is documented in the Cut-up Application Museum.
February 2108: New Archive of Information on C.P.Bryan
Now there is a central repository for information about developer C.P.Bryan. The DATAREALISM archive contains videos, essays, music and software development projects from Cut'n'Mix creator C.P.Bryan. Find out more about past applications, plus a new proposed system aimed at helping to cure the political dysfunction in today's western "democracies": DATAREALISM.COM.
Tutorials, Demos, Creative Writing Resources

Cut'n'Mix User Guide Videos
Watch video clips demonstrating Cut'n'Mix functions.
Check out the Cut'n'Mix answer to "magnetic poetry", with the virtual paper and scissors style Cut-up Laboratory. To find out how Cut'nMix helps you astound, confuse and impress the groundlings, try Shakespeare's Brain . To read texts submitted by Cut 'n' Mix users over the years, there is a listing of Experimental Texts. Read a review of a recent film about Brion Gysin, the Canadian artist who is often credited as being the inventor of the "cut-up" method of creative writing. The film is centered around another of his creative inventions used to help expand consciousness and open the doors of perception: The Dream Machine. revists a classic text by Edward de Bono: The Use of Lateral Thinking explains how logical, "vertical" thinking constrains the creative process. Creative writers need to throw a wrench in the works to get over writer's block (and other impediments to the imagination). As de Bono himself explains: "It is not possible to look in a different direction by looking harder in the same direction." For a listing of links to other sites featuring subject matter relating to cut-up or experimental writing tools and techniques, check out the resources page. To find out more about the creator of Cut'n'Mix, get to know C.P.Bryan.

New development project starting in February 2018... The PRODEMOCRACY SYSTEM:
2017 was the year when everybody woke up to how completely deranged and obsolete current political systems have become. The obvious example is Donald Trump: Is this person really the best President that The United States Electoral System could come up with? What kind of a shithole democractic system elevates this sort of person to the highest political position in the country? And in May of 2017 the citizens of my home province of British Columbia, Canada were treated to an only slightly less bizarre election, wherein a very slim "minority government" win resulted in an announcement that the governing party (after they had already been elected and sworn in) had "heard from the people" and so was now making a complete 180 degree change to their platform and priorities. (It was a betrayal of the party's principles and traditional supporters in a desperate attempt to cling to power). Something stinks in the state of politics. It appears now that idea of government by and for the people has become little more than a utopian fantasy. Recently, the Wall Street Journal's Matina Stevis wrote that "citizens are being constantly, chronically, criminally misrepresented by their governments". What is at the heart of the problem? Is there any solution? For answers to these and other burning questions, check out this new video from PRODEMOCRACY.NET: