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"Cut'n'Mix" was the name given to the first shareware application I released back in the late 1990's. Since the 1980's, I had been doing a lot of experimental music recording with four track cassette recorders, blending different tracks of (often unrelated) streams of audio to create strange audio compositions. After learning how to program Windows applications, I decided to create a text-based equivalent of a four track mixer, where the tracks contained words rather than sound. Randomness has long been identified as a source of inspiration - not only for authors of fiction, poetry, music and visual art, but also for businesspeople, scientists or creative thinkers of any type. Techniques such as "cut-up", "collage", "cut 'n' mix" and "mashup" are all based on a process of recombining previously unrelated words, sounds or images. In business, this process is often referred to as "lateral thinking" - a way to derail the train of thought from it's linear, predictable route into more uncharted, creative territories. The theory section of this site explores the rationale behind the uses of randomness and other forms of experimentation for the purpose of creative inspiration. The experimental process that was the inspiration for Cut'n'Mix is also evident in my music productions and video projects.

The Cut'n'Mix Postmodern Word Processor:

Cut'n'Mix is a unique word processing application which helps creative writers generate new ideas through the use of different methods of text randomization and manipulation. Cut'n'Mix expands the pallete of tools available to writers with functions not available in standard word processors:

Check out the Cut'n'Mix Tutorial Videos HERE.

In February 2012, Version 5.4 was to be the final release of Cut'n'Mix available for shareware licensing. Later that year Cut'n'Mix ceased to be a commercial "product" with associated bug fixes and technical support... Now, in response to numerous requests, an "as-is" (unsupported), full-function version of Cut'n'Mix is available free of charge:

Cut'n'Mix User Manual (PDF format)

DOWNLOAD Cut'n'Mix V5.4 Installer
(Zipped Windows installer, 6 MB)

Featured Database-driven application: The FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC Royalty Free Music Library:

The F.S.M. audio file database is an online application created by C.P.Bryan which provides functions for video or film producers to search, preview and download music for use in their productions. This system simplifies the process of obtaining "synchronization licensing" (more commonly known as authorization or "clearance") to use music in multimedia productions. Development began in 2008 with the initial intention of promoting a small collection of original music compositions by C.P.Bryan. Soon after, the system was expanded to provided a more generic DIY (do-it-yourself) solution for hosting an online MP3 sales e-commerce site. With an embedded relational database and features to easily interface with Paypal Merchant Services, this searchable online library was targetted towards small indie record companies or "electronic cottage" record shops. Since 2013, the focus has been on building the freesoundtrackmusic.com service. As of March 2020, the system has grown to provide a range of music search options for a library containing over 1,600 compositions by 18 different recording artists from around the world. To demo the "guest user" version of the system, go to:


Update for April 2020... Coming soon: I have decided to expand the Cut'n'Mix site to showcase my experiments in video and audio production. After hosting my music albums on other music distribution sites, I have decided to centralize everything on my own domain, creating something akin to my own music label. The following video is a taste of what is to come, a music video based on a track I co-wrote and produced along with my collaborators in an electronic jazz project called "Stargazer Jazz":

For more information about the Free Soundtrack Music System, check out the "User Guide" or "Frequently Asked Questions".