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"Cut'n'Mix" was the name given to the first shareware application I released back in the late 1990's. Since the 1980's, I had been doing a lot of experimental music recording with four track cassette recorders, blending different tracks of (often unrelated) streams of audio to create strange audio compositions. After learning how to program Windows applications, I decided to create a text-based equivalent of a four track mixer, where the tracks contained words rather than sound. Randomness has long been identified as a source of inspiration - not only for authors of fiction, poetry, music and visual art, but also for businesspeople, scientists or creative thinkers of any type. Techniques such as "cut-up", "collage", "cut 'n' mix" and "mashup" are all based on a process of recombining previously unrelated words, sounds or images. In business, this process is often referred to as "lateral thinking" - a way to derail the train of thought from it's linear, predictable route into more uncharted, creative territories. The theory section of this site explores the rationale behind the uses of randomness and other forms of experimentation for the purpose of creative inspiration. The experimental process that was the inspiration for Cut'n'Mix is also evident in my music productions and video projects.

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